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The 007 MAGAZINE ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ steelbook
350-page Wiro Bound Numbered Limited Edition


Goldfinger Showcard

Goldfinger is without doubt the most famous, iconic and memorable of all the James Bond films, and on its release in 1964 it set movie screens alight around the world with a heady cocktail of creativity that became an entertainment phenomenon; from its glittering opening credit titles designed by Robert Brownjohn, accompanied by Shirley Bassey belting out its brassy main title theme written by John Barry, Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, through to the corpse of an unfortunate woman painted gold, a man with a deadly steel-rimmed flying hat, an Aston Martin DB5 ‘with modifications’, a Bond Girl whose feline name caused much trepidation, death by laser beam, a larger than life villain with the Midas touch, and the golden gleaming cathedral-like interior of Fort Knox, as imagined by brilliant Production Designer Ken Adam – with all these elements its hardly surprising that the heady concoction that is Goldfinger impressed so many in 1964, and now, 50 years later, remains a popular evergreen entertainment for successive generations of film fans and Bond enthusiasts alike.

The ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ is a 350-page metal covered celebration of everything that is representative of this great film and is packed with over 1,000 images from the 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE with detailed informational photo captions throughout, and also includes:

Call Sheets
Press Releases
Ken Adam Sketches
Press Ads
Contact Sheets
UK Front of House sets
Complete UK Exhibitors’ Campaign Book
Many never-before-seen images
– including two scenes shot but cut from the film and featured here for the first time anywhere!

Plus Interviews:

All-new interviews with the Goldfinger Girls:
Nadja Regin, Margaret Nolan, Shirley Eaton – and the ‘voice of the Bond Girls’, Nikki van der Zyl.

Plus Articles:

The Goldfinger titles – Brownjohn hits it out of the park (by Luke Williams)
Goldfinger – the classic James Bond score by John Barry (by Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker)
An Oscar From Cutting Room 30 (by Oscar-Winning Dubbing Editor Norman Wanstall)
Goldfinger Portfolio montage of pages Goldfinger Portfolio montage of pages
Goldfinger Portfolio montage of pages Goldfinger Portfolio montage of pages
Goldfinger Portfolio montage of pages Goldfinger Portfolio montage of pages
Goldfinger Portfolio page spreads Goldfinger Portfolio page spreads

Each individually numbered copy (from 001 to 00350) of the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ steelbook comes wrapped in gold tissue paper in its own sturdy individual mailing box.

Due to the value of this item all orders will be sent by a tracked fully insured courier service.

UK & Overseas - please allow up to 28 days for delivery!

IMPORTANT: All customers please include your telephone number(s) in the ‘Add special instructions to the seller:’ PayPal area, as this is a requirement of the courier service delivering your order!

UK GBP £350 + P&P USA USD $550 + P&P Western Europe
Euro €437 + P&P
Eastern Europe
Euro €437 + P&P
Rest of World
(including Canada, Australia, NZ, Far East) GBP £350 + P&P

What customers around the world are saying about the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’...

“Wow... Just writing to give you highest compliments on the brilliant, eye-poppingly wonderful, ultra high quality job you did on the 'GOLDFINGER portfolio'. It is, in a word, definitive!
Having seen it now with my own eyes and held its impressive bulk in my hands I now understand why it was so expensive. To quote a hackneyed phrase, "you get what you pay for"!
Bravo, sir!
Cheers and Kudos!”

Spectacular work on the steelbook! Only glanced at it just now, but all that excitement and thrill of discovering Bond anew came back. Beautiful!”

“Just a note to let you know that I received the portfolio today. It's a beautiful collection, with so many photos that I've never seen before. Congratulations on a great collection.”

“Cracking job on the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’. I am still going through it and loving it. Very well done.”

“The ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ landed with me today! I've only skimmed the surface (so far) but please accept my congratulations and appreciation for what will (I'm sure) become a stand out and celebrated piece of James Bond memorabilia.”

“I’ve just had the privilege of delving into a copy of this book. And, my word, what an absolutely breath-taking, doorstop-sized tome it is. Between its impressive “steelbook” covers lies a tantalising wealth of articles, interviews, campaign and press materials and fascinating blueprints. But the real selling point of this golden vault is the fact it’s brimming with photographic treasures, a great deal of which these tired old eyes have never seen before – and, trust me, I’ve seen a lot! The extent of the imagery assembled here is simply astounding, there’s almost too much to digest. I’ve no hesitation in saying that the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ belongs on the bookshelf of every 007 buff worth his mettle. Everything about it exudes class – from those eye-catching, shiny metal covers to the weight of the paper stock, from the lavish design to the exquisite print quality (and let’s not forget the eye-popping content). If you can afford to do so, dig deep and order a copy today because it really is every bit the ultimate tribute to the film that publisher Graham Rye promised, and the results of his sterling efforts deserve to be enjoyed far and wide.”

“This is certainly a tomb of never before seen images. Lord only knows how Graham Rye has secured these stills over the course of his time publishing 007 MAGAZINE, but as a long-term fan, I can state in all truthfulness I have never seen the majority. There is also much referencing to the time and day as to when things were filmed, and of every single last person’s name as to whom was involved. The research appears thorough. The steel front and back covers are gorgeous; the printing and colour are as what one would expect from Rye’s stable of quality control. And it came suitably wrapped in gold paper.”

“As an avid collector of the 007 MAGAZINE issues, this publication stands out as the Pièce de résistance of my literary Bond collection. It really is all about quality! From the beautifully printed steel backed binding to crisp and clear pictures and text. With only a limited print of 350, this really is something that can only appreciate in value. Price wise, cheap things no good, good things no cheap! For me, it's a winner. Something to be treasured.”

“A 24-carat compendium of ultra-rare images, press material, calls sheets and fascinating text on the greatest James Bond film ever. The ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ is truly deserving to be part of every Bond and cinema fan’s collection.”

“I just loved the first three volumes of the campaign book repros and the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’.”

“I only actually got to taking a closer look at the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ today... and wow! This is what makes a serious Bond fan very happy indeed! Congratulations as always on a job very well executed, there really is nobody that comes close to you!”
The Netherlands

“I received my ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ steel book today and made a good start on it, the production and quality are superb, some of the photographs you have managed to put into it are amazing. I’m looking forward to looking at it over the next few days to take it all in. Very well done on an excellent compilation of photos, facts and memorabilia.”


“OMG! Wow! That’s it! Anyone who ever considered producing any kind of Goldfinger tribute publication must now forget about it, the pinnacle has been reached! What a triumph, you are immortalised with this amazing achievement of design and material, this is your legacy to the Bond collectors of the world. I have just revelled in my first peruse of the ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’, which now has pride of place in my office at home. You deserve to take a well earned bow for your magnificent achievement with this instant collectors’ item, the care, effort and expertise that has gone into creating this masterwork is evident at every turn of the page. A herculean effort brought to fantastic fruition!”

007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE Limited Edition Publications The James Bond Films high-quality reproduction Exhibitors’ Campaign/Pressbooks 


Limited Edition Publications

The James Bond Films high-quality reproduction Exhibitors’ Campaign/Pressbooks 

Now for the first time you can own Limited Edition reproductions of the cinema exhibitors’ campaign and pressbooks published in the UK and the USA that promoted the longest running series of movies in the world! These high-quality reproductions give an entertaining and unique insight into the marketing campaigns for the James Bond films of the 1960s (Volumes 1 & 4 also include 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever). FULL DETAILS