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The James Bond Girls




007 MAGAZINE subscriber Duncan Carter is a man on a mission, a mission to have all the actors and actresses featured in Graham Rye’s The James Bond Girls book autograph his volume. Duncan estimates that the book has already travelled over 22,500 miles with him in his quest for a complete set of Bond Girl autographs. The best remembered of all the places Duncan has visited as a result of his interest in James Bond? A stay at Ian Fleming’s house ‘Goldeneye’ in Jamaica, not surprisingly, was the most wonderful experience he has ever had. Duncan remembers: “Despite being very very expensive – starting at $2,600 per night – just to be in the house and sit at Ian Fleming’s desk was priceless!” The older he becomes the more Duncan is interested in all facets of Bond: “I have now taken to choosing my vacations around Bond locations. In addition to ‘Goldeneye’ we’ve also visited James Bond Island (Phuket) in Thailand.” With the original Bond Girl, Ursula Andress making a rare appearance at ‘Autographica’ in October 2005, Duncan is sure to be first in the queue!

Although now out of print, the 1999 edition of The James Bond Girls book by Graham Rye remains one of the two most signed James Bond-related publications at autograph and movie collector fairs around the world.

RIGHT: Duncan soaks up the atmosphere at Ian Fleming’s writing desk at ‘Goldeneye’ in Jamaica.

Duncan Carter at 'Goldeneye'

Man on a mission! – Duncan Carter on his travels meets The James Bond Girls:

Trina Parks Blanche Ravalec Britt Ekland
Trina Parks... ...Blanche Ravalec... ...Britt Ekland...
Lana Wood Duncan Carter and Gloria Hendry Gloria Hendry
...Lana Wood... ...Gloria Hendry... .
Lynne- Holly Johnson Duncan Carter with Tanya Roberts Tanya Roberts
...Lynne-Holly Johnson... ...Tanya Roberts... .
Madeleine Smith Madeleine Smith and Duncan Carter Shirley Eaton
...Madeleine Smith... . ...Shirley Eaton...
Pamela Salem Priscilla Barnes Priscilla Barnes and Duncan Carter
...Pamela Salem... ...Priscilla Barnes... .
Caroline Munro Virginia Hey and Duncan Carter Virginia Hey
...Caroline Munro... ...Virginia Hey... .
Duncan Carter with Zena Marshall Zena Marshall Lois Chiles
...Zena Marshall... . ...Lois Chiles...
Jan Williams Jan Williams Jan Williams and Duncan Carter
...Jan Williams... . .
Duncan Carter with Luciana Paluzzi Luciana Paluzzi Eunice Gayson
...Luciana Paluzzi... . ...Eunice Gayson...
Maud Adams Duncan Carter with Maud Adams Duncan Carter with Mollie Peters
...Maud Adams... . ...Mollie Peters...
Tania Mallet and Duncan Carter Tania Mallet Honor Blackman with Duncan Carter
...Tania Mallet... . ...Honor Blackman...
Mai Ling Ursula Andress Ursula Andress with Duncan Carter
...Mai Ling... ...Ursula Andress... .
Carole Ashby Jenny Hanley Sir Roger Moore
...Carole Ashby... ...Jenny Hanley and Sir Roger Moore!
The lads get a look in too!
George Lazenby with fan painting Duncan Carter with David Hedison Duncan Carter meets Charlie Higson
George Lazenby with fan painting Duncan with David Hedison Duncan and his son visit with
YOUNG BOND author Charlie Higson.

Listed below is a log of the autographs
Duncan Carter has managed to have signed in his copy of
1999 Hardback edition

Actor Page No. Event Location Date Signed
Maud Adams 79 Memorabilia NEC 16.11.2002
Maud Adams 57 Hollywood Collectors Show 30.07.2005
Ursula Andress 12 Autographica Heathrow 29.10.2005
Carole Ashby 121 Memorabilia NEC 27.11.2005
Priscilla Barnes 98 Hollywood Collectors Show 30.07.2005
Honor Blackman 23 Collectormania 10.04.2003
Shirley Eaton 20 Memorabilia NEC 10.05.2003
Britt Ekland 98 Memorabilia NEC 02.04.2003
Eunice Gayson 7 Memorabilia NEC 29.11.2003
Jenny Hanley 39 Memorabilia NEC 27.11.2005
David Hedison 98 Autographica 22.11.2003
Gloria Hendry 53 Hollywood Collectors Show 30.07.2005
Virginia Hey 95 Memorabilia NEC 27.11.2004
Lynne-Holly Johnson 76 Autographica


Richard Kiel 68 Memorabilia NEC 29.11.2003
Christopher Lee 59

Radisson Edwardian Hotel Heathrow

May Ling 104 Autographica Heathrow 29.10.2005
Zena Marshall 8 Memorabilia NEC 29.11.2003
Roger Moore 1 Vue Sur Bond 007 24.02.2006
Caroline Munro 62 Autographica 22.11.2003
Luciana Paluzzi 29 Hollywood Collectors Show 30.07.2005
Trina Parks 46 Hollywood Collectors Show 30.07.2005
Mollie Peters 24 Memorabilia NEC 02.04.2005
Blanche Ravalec 68 Memorabilia NEC 29.11.2003
Tanya Roberts 89 Autographica 22.11.2003
Pamela Salem 133 Hollywood Collectors Show 30.07.2005
Madeleine Smith 48 Autographica 22.11.2003
Nikki Van Der Zyl 6 Memorabilia NEC 27.11.2004
Jan Williams 15 Memorabilia NEC 27.11.2004
Lana Wood 44 Autographica 22.11.2003