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The 007 MAGAZINE Woking office at G3 The Mayford Centre 


During the time in its 1400 square foot office space, 007 MAGAZINE opened its doors to many journalists, TV crews, artists, photographers, writers,  and a varied selection of enthusiastic James Bond fans. Tucked away at the end of a nondescript corridor in The Mayford Centre the office was akin to Doctor Who’s Tardis; no one before entering could believe that so much lay behind its front door. It was kind of like Blofeld’s volcano hideaway in miniature!

Over the 25-year history of the 007 MAGAZINE & Archive many people became involved in the organisation as volunteers, and gave their time freely to help promote, what they believed to be, the best and most worthwhile James Bond fan organisation in the world. Some have moved on while others are still flying the flag. Among those names on the roll-call (in no particular order) are: Andrew Pilkington, Frank & Ruby Rye, Wayne Lorden, Mrs Sheila (Lee) Flint, Lancelot Narayan, Kevin Harper, Rose Davidson, Tony Gould, Ajay Chowdhury, Matthew Field, Tony Barker, Val Wallis, Mark Thompson, Mark Ashby, Charlotte Bodenstein, Lee Towersey, Michaela Webb, Rachel Bayliss, Laura McBrown, Yasmin Nattee, Chris Rowley, Andy Lloyd, Joel Baker, Jennie Garrett-Smith, Martin ‘Muscles’ Roberts, Paul Hendrie, Lisa-Marie Hendrie, Adam Page-Smith, and Christina Rye.

Tony Gould 1987 Tony Gould 1997
Tony Gould 1987 Tony Gould & Matthew Field 1997

ABOVE: A FIRST MEETING! (left) Tony Gould with his Dad outside the Odeon Leicester Square for The Living Daylights in 1987, and later (right) with fellow volunteer Matthew Field on the 007 MAGAZINE sales stand at the 1997 ‘Memorabilia’ show at the NEC Birmingham.

IFF Visitors Lee Towersey with Blofeld Crest
IFF Visitors Lee Pfeiffer & Dave Worrall

ABOVE: Among the many interested visitors entertained at the new 007 MAGAZINE studio by Graham Rye (top) and Andrew Pilkington (bottom) were representatives of The Ian Fleming Foundation (in ascending order): Vice President Doug Redenius, archivist David Reinhardt, photographer George Martin, and author Dave Worrall.

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