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007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

Originally published as two separate 36-page issues in the 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES series in 2010, (and out of print and unavailable since 2011) this latest edition features both complete issues together in one publication with a new cover and inside front and back covers (illustrated below).

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty's Secret Service 76-page special

The 007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication features the filming of the exciting and brutal beach fight that opens the sixth James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) starring one-time Bond George Lazenby; the filming at The College of Arms in London – featuring rare images from a scene cut from the final print of the movie when Bond discovers the villainous Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s spy has infiltrated the college and is listening-in to 007’s top secret conversation with Sir Hilary Bray; exclusive comments from On Her Majesty's Secret Service director Peter Hunt (1925-2002); official press releases; Call Sheets; Syd Cain colour portrait; sets; production painting; George Lazenby’s Bond screentest photographs; behind the scenes photographs; George Leech – Stunt Co-ordinator; OHMSS promotions; Mr. & Mrs. James Bond – the wedding photographs; Piz Gloria location photographs; Blofeld’s ‘Angels of Death’ – The Piz Gloria Girls; includes over 200 rare images relating to the film, many of them exclusive to the 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE.

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007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty's Secret Service 76-page special

007 MAGAZINE Thunderball 50th Anniversary Special 76-page issue
007 MAGAZINE Thunderball 50th Anniversary Special 76-page issue

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the fourth James Bond film, Thunderball, we are publishing this print-to-order only edition of 007 MAGAZINE issue number #48. This issue was originally published in December 2005 and has been out of print for many years. This new reprint now contains an additional 28 pages of rare and never-before-seen images of Sean Connery as James Bond 007.

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 007 MAGAZINE – Thunderball 50th Anniversary Special 76-page issue

THUNDERBALL The beginning
James Bond author RAYMOND BENSON explains how Ian Fleming came to write the novel THUNDERBALL and the ensuing litigation which proved to be Fleming’s death knell.
Thunderball A diver’s tale
In 1965 a young pre-med student with a keen interest in scuba-diving stumbled on the opportunity to take part in movie history in the biggest Bond of all – Thunderball. GRAHAM RYE dove into his story.

Examining in detail, scripts and other unique documented evidence in The Ian Fleming Foundation archives, Bond scholar and author JOHN CORK guides us through the fascinating evolution of how the most successful James Bond film of them all made its way to the cinema screen.

Thunderball A speciality act’s tale
GRAHAM RYE spoke with a previously unknown player in the Thunderball story, to discover how a teenager from West London found herself immortalised in the credit titles of the biggest Bond movie of them all.
THUNDERBALL Sour martinis and animosity
Author ROBERT SELLERS unravels the previously untold story of the cartel of creative minds behind the inception of THUNDERBALL, and the one man for whom the world would never be enough.
Thunderball The production
ANDREW PILKINGTON takes a look behind the scenes at how parts of the film were made – and also discovers what might have been.
Thunderball The shooting script
ANDREW PILKINGTON examines comparisons between the shooting script and the finished film.
Thunderball The villain
KEVIN HARPER examines the man behind the plot to hold the Western World to ransom, SPECTRE Number One – Emilio Largo.
Thunderball The girls
Domino, Fiona, Patricia and Paula – MARK THOMPSON examines James Bond’s Thunderbirds!
Thunderball The premieres
GRAHAM RYE takes a look at the premieres of Thunderball in London and Dublin.
Thunderball The Biggest Bond of All!
28 pages of rare and never-before-seen images of Sean Connery as James Bond 007 in 1965’s Thunderball.

All of the above articles are expanded with a further selection of rarely seen images and supplemental material in our Thunderball 50th Anniversary OnLine Supplement [25 pages]



The GOLDFINGER Portfolio volumes 1-5
Volume 1 of a 5 volume set of A4 76-page Limited Edition publications – builds into the ultimate 380-page definitive GOLDFINGER collectable!
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