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With the $ cost of Airmail postage from the UK increasing significantly annually, we find potential customers in the USA and other countries overseas are reticent to pay these high postal costs, and subsequently fail to purchase our unique and highly collectable glossy deluxe limited edition 007 MAGAZINE publications – and unfortunately miss out on owning the best of Bond in print!

We have now secured a way round that problem for overseas customers – you can now purchase 007 MAGAZINE issues from your local comic shop via their website or by visiting their store if nearby to where you live.

All you need do is visit this website https://www.comicshoplocator.com/Home/1/1/57/575 and type in your Zip Code to find a comic shop nearest your address in North America; the search facility also allows you to search through a list of other countries.

Once you have made contact with the comic shop you decide to order 007 MAGAZINE from, you then need to include the ordering code number for each publication. Please see below for the applicable code numbers for each issue of 007 MAGAZINE currently available.

To view cover images of the issues listed below please visit:

AUG152055 007 MAGAZINE - ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 1

FEB162225 007 MAGAZINE - ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 2

FEB162226 007 MAGAZINE - ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 3

MAR162037 007 MAGAZINE - ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 4

APR162368 007 MAGAZINE - ‘GOLDFINGER portfolio’ Volume 5

APR172379 007 MAGAZINE – OMNIBUS Volume 1

JUN172339 007 MAGAZINE #40 Casino Royale (1967)/Never Say Never Again (1983) (2017 reprint)

JUL172507 007 MAGAZINE – The James Bond Films Exhibitors’ Campaign Books (UK) Volume 2

AUG172407 007 MAGAZINE – Sir Roger Moore as James Bond 007 Special Commemorative Issue

AUG172408 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES: The James Bond Girls – The 1960s (2017 reprint)

AUG172409 007 MAGAZINE Special Publication – You Only Live Twice 50
TH Anniversary (1967-2017) issue

SEP172242 007 MAGAZINE – The James Bond Films Exhibitors’ Pressbooks (US) Volume 1

OCT172123 007 MAGAZINE – The James Bond Films Exhibitors’ Pressbooks (US) Volume 2

DEC172100 007 MAGAZINE - Issue #49 [Printed Edition]

JAN182191 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES: Bond Girls of the 1960s - Luciana Paluzzi

FEB182139 007 MAGAZINE - Issue #50 [Printed Edition]

MAR182209 007 MAGAZINE Special Publication: Pierce Brosnan - Billion Dollar Bond

APR181499 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES: Bond Girls of the 1970s - Caroline Munro

MAY181607 007 MAGAZINE - Issue #56

For any queries regarding this new ordering service please email Graham Rye at editor@007magazine.co.uk