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007 MAGAZINE Issue #51
August 2009

Cover: Daniel Craig in
Quantum of Solace
36 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE Issue #51 - Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum of Solace


  • FEATURE H0! H0! 7even
    TERRY ADLAM and IAN BAKER - humour in the Bond films.
  • PICTORIAL Cubby Broccoli Centenary Tribute 1909-2009
    GRAHAM RYE takes a look at Cubby Broccoli on set and on location across 27 years of the James Bond films.
  • INTERVIEW Breakfast with Largo
    STEVE OXENRIDER spends a December morning with Big John McLaughlin.
  • PICTORIAL Quantum of Craig
    A selection of some of the least seen images from the 22nd 007 film.
  • FEATURE From Russia, With Class!
    MARK THOMPSON examines what makes From Russia With Love the best James Bond film of all time.
  • FEATURE Never say never again – probably!
    GRAHAM RYE uncovers a hoard of previously unseen production illustrations from 'Warhead', Kevin McClory's aborted Bond project.
007 MAGAZINE Issue #52
November 2009

Cover: Sean Connery in
Diamonds Are Forever
36 pages [A4-size]
007 MAGAZINE Issue #52 - Sean Connery as James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever


  • PICTORIAL When Harry met James (Palmer and Bond that is!)
    GRAHAM RYE spotlights the 1963 luncheon meeting between authors Len Deighton and Ian Fleming (with new exclusive comments by LEN DEIGHTON).
  • PICTORIAL Just a perfect day at Pinewood Studios...
    GRAHAM RYE focuses on a historical 1963 gathering of the movers and shakers of the Bond franchise-to-be on the set of From Russia With Love.
  • PICTORIAL Bond Bound: Ian Fleming and the Art of Cover Design
    GRAHAM RYE visits the private view of the 2008 exhibition at The Fleming Collection in London’s Mayfair.
  • FEATURE “Stop Getting Bond Wrong!”
    GRAHAM RYE sets the record straight on the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.
  • INTERVIEW Cuadra... Jaime Cuadra!
    STEVE OXENRIDER talks with the Peruvian singer and arranger whose work was featured in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.
  • FEATURE To Russia, With Love
    Russian Journalists NATALIE GOLITSINA & ANDREY SHARY, authors of the first in-depth study of James Bond, the literary & cinema hero, in the Russian language, examine 007’s impact on their homeland.
  • FEATURE Lost 'Warhead' production drawings
    GRAHAM RYE reveals previously unseen pre-production illustrations from Kevin McClory’s ill-fated Bond project (new exclusive comments by LEN DEIGHTON).
  • PICTORIAL Flashback
    The 1989 Licence To Kill Royal World Charity Premiere at London’s ODEON Leicester Square, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince And Princess of Wales.
007 MAGAZINE Issue #53
August 2010

Cover: James Bond's Aston Martin from
Goldfinger & Thunderball
36 pages [A4-size]
Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger and Thunderball


  • FEATURE 100 Years Not Out!
    GRAHAM RYE looks back at the 2008 celebration events surrounding the centenary of James Bond author Ian Fleming.
    Exclusive photographs by Graham Rye & Mark Mawston
  • PICTORIAL Going Going Gone Soon! The Most Famous Car In The World
    James Bond’s gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5 goes up for auction in October 2010 – 007 MAGAZINE has the lowdown!
  • FEATURE James Bond 007: Blood Stone
    Activision’s latest explosive third-person action videogame boasts the vocal and visual talented triumvirate of Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Joss Stone.
  • FEATURE Roger Moore’s Finest Hour as James Bond in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only
    STEVE CASSIDY takes an affectionate look back at Roger Moore’s fifth outing as secret agent 007.
007 MAGAZINE Issue #54
February 2011

Cover: A recreation of Raymond Hawkey's celebrated 1963 THUNDERBALL PAN paperback cover with cut-out bullet holes.
36 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE #54 - Graphic Design by Raymond Hawkey


  • FEATURE The Man With The Golden Eye
    EDWARD MILWARD-OLIVER considers the life and work of his friend Raymond Hawkey, the award-winning graphic designer and author who died in August 2010.
  • INTERVIEW “As long as the collar and cuffs match”
    In remembrance of this witty and talented man who injected great fun into his Bond pictures, RICHARD SCHENKMAN's 1980 interview with the late Tom Mankiewicz.
    RICHARD SCHENKMAN conducts an exclusive interview with seven-time James Bond Associate Producer Stanley Sopel.
  • OBITUARY John Barry (1933-2011)
    GEOFF LEONARD and GRAHAM RYE pay their own personal tributes to 'The man with the midas touch'.

Gold and Excitement! (007 MAGAZINE #54 – an issue for the Bond connoisseur!)

007 MAGAZINE Issue #55
August 2012

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall (2012)
36 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE #55 - Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in Skyfall


  • INTERVIEW “It was the best job in the world!”
    Over the course of a memorable evening in Mayfair, legendary photographer TERRY O’NEILL talked with LUKE WILLIAMS about his experiences working with five James Bonds (and over 20 Bond girls!), as well as explaining how Frank Sinatra changed his career and why the way to Sean Connery’s heart was through golf! (Includes a photo preview of Terry O’Neill’s book ALL ABOUT BOND, published in September 2012.)
  • FEATURE Will BOND 23 rise or fall?
    In October 2012, James Bond will finally return to the big screen, after a four-year absence, in the 23rd film in the series – Skyfall. LUKE WILLIAMS examines what is known so far about the Sam Mendes helmed feature (Features all the latest Skyfall imagery).
  • FEATURE THE SEARCH FOR BOND: How the 007 role was won and lost!
    Only six men can lay claim to wearing the famous Savile Row tuxedo but hundreds more came within an inch of the 007 role. In this new exclusive four-part series, ROBERT SELLERS (author of the controversial book Battle for Bond) tells the extraordinary story of how cinema’s most famous role was cast, featuring exclusive contributions from Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sam Neill, Ian Ogilvy, Oliver Tobias, Michael Billington, Adrian Paul, Peter Snow, Michael Craig, Rikki Lee Travolta, Julian Glover, Michael Jayston and many others. (Featuring many never-before-featured facts).
  • FEATURE “Balloon, mein herr?”
    LUKE WILLIAMS examines the fascinating parallels between the film versions of Graham Greene’s The Third Man (1949) and Ian Fleming’s The Living Daylights (1987).

007 MAGAZINE Issue #56
August 2018

Cover: Roger Moore
as James Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)
48 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE #56 - Roger Moore as James Bond 007 in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)


  • FEATURE In defence of The Man With The Golden Gun
    ANTHONY JONES pleads his case for Roger Moore's second James Bond adventure, suggesting that this much maligned film has more good stuff on offer than is generally believed.
  • INTERVIEW In her own words: Joie Vejjajiva
    Martial artist Cha from The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)
  • THE BIG SHOT Drax’s ‘breeding stock’ from Moonraker (1979)
  • INTERVIEW Spiralling Into Bond’s subconscious
    An interview with credit title designer Daniel Kleinman
  • FEATURE George Leech (1921-2012) – A Life In Action!
    A look at the impressive career of one of Britain’s most versatile Stuntmen and Stunt Co-ordinators.
007 MAGAZINE Issue #57
September 2018

Covers: Maurice Binder's main titles from
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Three different covers
48 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE Issue #57



  • FEATURE Leni’s Body Beautiful
    A look at the influences on the Bond credit titles of Maurice Binder
    and Robert Brownjohn.
  • FEATURE When Ian Met Ray
    NEIL McNALLY examines the meeting between two of the greatest thriller writers of the 20th Century, Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler.
  • FEATURE “No more foreplay!”
    TONY W. GARLAND examines the changing face of the female Bond villain.
  • FEATURE James Bond’s 50 Greatest Stunts
    Stunt expert JON AUTY looks at his Top 50 Greatest Stunts from the James Bond film series.

This issue is being offered with three different covers (A, B, and C) featuring images from Maurice Binder’s brilliant credit titles for 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. (please note that the content inside the magazine is identical)


007 MAGAZINE Issue #58 - Licence To Kill 30th Anniversary (1989-2019)
June 2019
Cover: Timothy Dalton and Carey Lowell in Licence To Kill
48 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE Issue #58


  • Actress Marya Morgan remembers her role as TV reporter Anna Rack in a scene cut from the final movie.
  • A new exclusive interview with Robert Davi, one of the Bond series’ most charismatic and deadly villains – Franz Sanchez.
    Since its original release in 1989 amid controversy and criticism, Licence To Kill remains a Bond film that resolutely divides opinion. LUKE G. WILLIAMS argues it’s time BOND 16 got the critical kudos it deserves.
    Drawing on extensive and previously unseen archive material from the files of the British Board of Film Classification, LUKE G. WILLIAMS reveals for the first time the full controversial story behind the ‘15’ certificate rating awarded Licence To Kill in 1989.

Contains some previously published material

007 MAGAZINE Issue #59 Moonraker 40th Anniversary (1979-2019)
Cover: Moonraker International poster artwork by Daniel Goozee
48 pages [A4-size]

007 MAGAZINE Issue #59


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Moonraker
  • In defence of Moonraker – ANTHONY JONES pleads the case for Roger Moore’s fourth James Bond adventure!
  • Outer Space Now Belongs To 007! – KEVIN HARPER uncovers the facts!
  • That moonlight trail… – GEOFF LEONARD & PETE WALKER examine the creative process behind one of John Barry’s most evocative Bond scores!
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