Despite a couple of tumbles which came about at the beginning of my run, attempting to avoid going over the edge again, I gradually began to gain more and more confidence and began to really relax and enjoy myself and my skiing. As before we were at times overtaken by more advanced skiers or had them cross our path, as well as did the inevitable snow boarders.


Then all of a sudden, what for me was to become something of a defining moment and the biggest personal thrill ski-wise loomed; we had reached a point that involved partially skiing on to the red run before turning sharply left back on to the blue run. Nick had already skied off whilst I was preparing myself for this manoeuvre. Then with my heart racing, as I imagined myself hurtling straight down the red run unable to stop, I set off, gathered speed quickly, turned beautifully, took off slightly going over a small mound of snow, landed expertly and shot away in hot pursuit of Nick all in what seemed one relaxed fluid motion!

OHMSS Comic strip panel 153

Bond girl Tracy played by Diana Rigg

Once having completed the run we of course had to do it again and again. Thereafter, I was determined that I would not be beaten by this sport and whatever else happened I was going to enjoy my skiing.

Once we had deposited our equipment in the basement store it was up in the lift, checking out what was on the hotel’s menu for that evening’s meal, and return to our room for a hot shower and a rest watching TV, before going down to dinner.

Tuesday morning after breakfast one of the women staying at the hotel who was also in our class showed us a shortcut, but this still involved walking up a steep winding pathway towards the school. Her husband and daughter, who were both expert skiers themselves, persuaded us to put our skis on when we reached the top and ski the rest of the way through the village to the school. This became another confidence booster for Nick, who didn’t really need it and for me, who did, as you had also to be aware of the pedestrians. Our group had very quickly begun to gel nicely and encouraging comments were made about our arrival to the lesson on skis.

Andy, who had a good sense of humour however, suggested to me that I try to avoid the tree today as well as attempting to run him down by not stopping! Also, on a more disquieting note he thought that perhaps my skis were too long, something he felt was the cause of some of my problems the previous day. He said he would of course be watching me carefully today and if this proved to be the case advised me to go back to the ski hire shop and get them changed.


007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

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