That morning we concentrated on turning both left and right, which I was still struggling with, and Andy was now convinced the skis were too big for me. He was also very surprised when I told him I had been up and down the Allmendhubel on them after yesterday’s lesson. In the meantime Nick was coming on in leaps and bounds having by now mastered all that was being taught. Before the morning session was over we had moved up via the drag lift to the top of the nursery slope. Still my skis wanted to do their own thing, but I was at least able to ski down without fear, particularly after yesterday, and then snow plough to a perfect stop.

Tracy captured by SPECTRE guards/Nick Bryant on the slopes
Come on Nick, I think I've sussed it!

However, there was an incident on my first descent when I did lose control somewhat and found myself heading straight for the school building with Andy shouting frantically, “Fred snow plough, Fred snow plough”!! before finally losing my balance and crashing onto my back in a heap of snow and banging the back of my head on the ice! Shortly after this incident Andy confirmed I had to change my skis as they were definitely the wrong size.

When the lesson was over I went straight to the hire shop and without any fuss managed to get my skis changed for more suitable ones. We then decided to go back to the hotel for lunch before trying out my new skis on the Allmendhuebel. Over a light lunch on the hotel’s terrace with a brilliant blue sky and bright sunshine we watched as the occasional para-glider came down from the highest peaks, flying close by us overhead, before circling further downwards until the were just small specks in the distance. Then fortified by the hotel’s speciality coffee laced with schnapps we set off to try out my new skis on the afternoon slopes.

Whether it was psychological or just having at last got the right skis I felt even more confident about my skiing. However, I still had to master my turns, which I was not so confident about. That afternoon we also staged a couple of photos with me recreating George Lazenby’s near fatal descent over a mountain escaping from Piz Gloria and Blofeld’s men.

The first part of the lesson on Wednesday concentrated again on our slalom techniques, but now descending from the very top of the nursery slope. Although I now had the proper skis at last I still found difficulty in keeping to the correct rhythm before turning and heading down the slope. I was now cursing the two previous mornings wasted attempting to do something without the right equipment!!! This was also to be the first day we would all be going up the Allmendhubel to ski down as a class.


007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

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