OHMSS Quote - Chapter 12
Fred waits for the cable car at Piz Gloria

Before going up to Piz Gloria we agreed to try the indoor swimming pool in Murren’s Sports Centre along with a sauna afterwards to help those aching muscles. Afterwards we had a quick snack before heading for the cable car. This time I couldn’t resist taking with me Barry’s score to listen to whilst travelling upwards. When we reached Birg this time we stopped and had a drink outside on the terrace and took some photos. The place had not changed and that sunny afternoon you would have been forgiven if you thought you could see Bernard Horsfall’s Campbell standing by the railings and staring up at Piz Gloria. As the cable car was nearing the summit of the Schilthorn I was listening on my earphones to ‘track 7. Journey To Blofeld’s Hideaway’ and I could feel the goose bumps beginning to rise on the back of my neck! By now it was getting on for late afternoon when we arrived and there were fewer people about than last time. This gave us the opportunity for taking a few more photos, including one we staged with Nick’s sad old Dad lying face down playing George Lazenby sliding along on his tummy with his sub-machine gun blazing away! After shopping for more souvenirs we went up into the restaurant again for more photos and a coffee. This time it had to be accompanied by ‘track 16. Bond Meets The Girls’ and ‘track 17. Dusk At Piz Gloria’. Finally, after one more quick look round this unique, and yes, very magical place, it was time to head down on the last gondola of the day. Despite there not being that many tourists around the car was filling up fast due to the Gloria staff going home for the night.

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On the way back I also managed to fit in ‘track 20. Escape From Piz Gloria’ and ‘track 21. Bobsled Chase’ before arriving back down again in Murren.

That night the hotel were laying on their special ‘Spaghetti Evening’ held in the public restaurant as opposed to our normal table in the dining room. This was open to the general public, who paid, and the actual hotel guests who of course didn’t! What this entailed was eating spaghetti with an offer of 10 choices of sauces ranging from the standard Bolognese to ones consisting of shell fish, pine nuts, chilli and many other mouth-watering flavours. It was at this event that we finally got to meet our elusive, but very talented chef. This was obviously a popular event as the restaurant was quite crowded. This proved to be a one of the best evenings I shared with Nick, just talking. Both of us talking animatedly about James Bond, of course, films generally and just about anything and everything that took our fancy. All this in between going up for second helpings as well as trying out the various dishes on offer and knocking back large glass after large glass of their strong beer!

Slightly drunk we left the restaurant and headed for another good night’s sleep in preparation for our last day on the slopes.

Friday we awoke to another fine day, and although feeling somewhat jaded from yesterday evenings ‘session’ we were both keen to make the most of the day. After another of the hotel’s fortifying breakfasts, with extra cups of black coffee, it was time to make the small trek up to the school for the final time.


007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

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