When you first step out of the station at the summit you have to walk the short distance to the blue run passing a very steep slope which goes down to the drag lift below. This lift then takes skiers a little further back up the mountain behind the station. With Andy’s usual sense of wicked humour coming through he almost convinced us we were going to be skiing down this first slope. This was much to the horror of one of the Chinese members of our party who was still struggling to stay upright on her skis. We then as a group descended down the mountain, on our familiar blue run, without incident, well almost!

Just over half way down we had to ski diagonally straight across a very wide red run, which meant leaning over on the outside edge of your left ski and the inside edge of your right ski. This could only be done when there was a gap in the busy “traffic” of skiers and boarders. Unfortunately, I was one of the last in the group to set off and having already done this several times by now was not in the least fazed by this. However, normally it would be just myself and Nick, but this time after crossing, perhaps a little too fast, I was to confront all of our group clustered on the other side leaving very little room for manoeuvring around them or to stop. Consequently I ended up trying to squeeze through behind some of my classmates only to knock three of them over like nine pins, one of whom was our nervous Chinese lady, before coming to a halt in a pile of skis sticks and snow! Andy then leaned over me saying “Fred, you must learn to stop how I have shown you and not use other people to bring you to a halt!” Once down below we all decided to go up again for another go. This time though Nick and I left the group at the halfway point, as technically the lesson was over for the morning, and ate lunch sitting outside a small Gasthof in the glorious sunshine and soaking up the atmosphere in one of the valleys below the Schilthorn.

Thursday, and we were already over half way through our holiday! As we effectively were fast running out of time for skiing it was decided, over breakfast that morning, that Nick and I would go up the Schilthornbahn that afternoon for one final visit to Piz Gloria. That meant we could then devote the whole of Friday to skiing before returning home on the Saturday. After the usual lesson we all went up to the Allmendhubel, but this time Andy was not joking when he said we would all descend “that” steep slope! Nick set of nervously at first, but with his usual calm confidence shining through he made the descent well and without incident. However, when it came to my turn with my nerves jangling I took a slightly more devil-may-care attitude. Although I set of slowly at first, attempting to perfect my slalom moves correctly, I found myself again beginning to descend evermore faster when I threw caution to the wind and just let myself go!

The OHMSS Girls enjoy themselves atop Piz Gloria
Diana Rigg & George Lazenby relax
OHMSS Quote - Chapter 16

As I gathered more and more speed, exhilarated by my incredibly fast descent, I suddenly realised that unless I began to slow myself down I was possibly in real danger of perhaps going up the slight incline at the bottom of the slope and heading straight over the mountain a la SPECTRE agents one and two! This was further endorsed by Andy skiing after me very fast screaming those now familiar words “SNOW PLOUGH! SNOW PLOUGH!”

Later on when we arrived back down in the village we all went over to the hotel across from the school for coffee and hot chocolate aware this was the penultimate day of our skiing as a group before having to head home to our respective countries and normal lives. The mood of everyone was relaxed and happy, but tinged with a little sadness at knowing this would all soon have to end.

Diana Rigg & George Lazenby take a sleigh ride
Go Nick, Go!

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

007 MAGAZINE On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 76-page special publication

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